Future Engineers Space Tool Challenge for ISS 3D Printer by @MadeInSpace

So now that the Made In Space 3D printer is aboard the ISS, what should be made with it?  The people at Future Engineers have launched an awesome contest to inspire young engineers to think of the endless possibilities.  They even have a real astronaut who lived on the ISS issue the challenge!  The prizes are awesome from having your design actually printed on the ISS to a tour of SpaceX!  Here’s the contest description:

If you are a K thru 12 student in the United States, your challenge is To Design a Space Tool. The ability to 3D print in space is a game-changer for space exploration. Just think about it, when astronauts are on Mars, they will have the ability to make whatever they need, on demand, even though Earth is just a little blue glimmer in the sky. That’s exactly why we are challenging our next generation of explorers to start designing parts for space now. We want students to create and submit a digital 3D model of a tool that they think astronauts need in space. If you win, your design will become a part of space history as one of the first things ever to be 3D Printed in Space.

The site is great in that it’s not just about techies submitting a STL file, but it also teaches 3D printing concepts so newbies can get involved individually or as a school class activity.  The contest closes December 15, 2014 and to enter just go here for the rules and here to create an account and enter.  Good luck!

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