3D Printed a Metroid Suit by @Talaaya is AMAZING!

I’m headed to Video Games Live on Saturday and then I ran across an article about Chelsea Mills printing her own Metroid suit and it was all just too much to pass up.  You may recall we wrote a while back about 3D printing your Minecraft creations as well as 3D scanning for racing and golf video games, but now you can make yourself the character!  Chelsea created a life-sized version of the Varia Suit, an armored suit worn by the character Samus Aran, in the Metroid game series!  You can see all about it on her blog.  Congrats to Chelsea on an amazing job, that’s one heck of a Halloween costume, if you came to my house you get all the candy!

One thought on “3D Printed a Metroid Suit by @Talaaya is AMAZING!

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