Technology from @3DPrintClean Helps Address 3D Printing Environmental Issues

We’ve spoken in the past about some of the environmental benefits of 3D printing, but there are always two sides to a coin.  The polymers often used in 3D printing can have impurities from their manufacturing process, coatings or other compounds which can cause health and environmental concerns.  There was even an “accidental” study about 3D printed items being toxic to fish.  A new company 3DPrintClean has a KickStarter campaign to capture the 3D printing plastic emissions that can be released during the printing process using a novel enclosure.You can read their whole press release here.  We’re all for technology that makes 3D printing clean and safe for casual users and those that use it 40 hours/week.  No one wants to hear of “3D printing lung” 25 years from now where former heavy users have fine particulate issues in their lungs like coal miners of old.

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