Will you Have a 3D Printed Christmas Ornament this Year?

3D printed ornament

3D printed ornament available on Etsy for only $11! (photo courtesy of CarryTheWhat Etsy store)

If you’re a purist like me the Christmas season is just a couple days away as Thanksgiving fades into Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  We expect the biggest ever 3D printed Christmas and wonder how may trees will have a 3D printed ornament this year?

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3D Printing to Make the NFL Safer?

The NFL has announced the winners of its Head Health Challenge.   The National Football League, Under Armour and GE put out a challenge to find new tools for detecting concussions and protecting football players from traumatic brain injuries.  One of the winners was a partnership of UCLA and  Architected Materials for a new energy-absorbing 3D-printed “microlattice.” material that could replace the foam padding in existing helmets.  We wrote earlier about 3D printing for increasing performance in football through 3D printing cleats for the Super Bowl and hopefully it can be a small part of making the game safer for the professionals and amateurs who play it too.