A Car Built on Buzz Words

I was reading an article about a 3D printed car that supposed to cross the USA using just 10 gallons of ethanol.  All it needs is a 3D TV and have a smartphone at it’s heart with automatic tweeting of its position and I think I will have all the current buzz topics in one package!

Tom in 3D

Tom 3D

My initial experiences with 3d printing spanned a decade. The first 3d printer I encountered was a large state-of-the-art system for building prototypes. It was housed in its own glass-walled room in a large manufacturing facility. The second 3d printer I encountered several years later was sitting innocuously in a booth of one of the competitors at a high school robotics competition. Continue reading

Doug in 3D

Doug 3DIn the summer of 1996 I had my first exposure to 3D Printing and additive manufacturing.  I did a summer internship at the University of Southern Mississippi polymer program.  It was a great experience where I caught some Olympic soccer, spent weekends in New Orleans and had some great seafood.  One thing that I could never forget though was my first exposure to 3D printing. Continue reading