There’s an App for That


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

There’s a whole new group of 3D related apps from buying to drawing to printing to scanning and modifying.  First, there’s ebay Exact.  Yep, it’s that eBay.  This app lets you customize several base objects and have them printed.  Then there’s Cubify, where you can draw an oject on your screen with your finger and convert it to 3D. Continue reading

Fashion and the Perfect Fit Using 3D Scanning From Me-Ality

Me-Ality Size-Matching Station

Me-Ality Size-Matching Station (Used with permission)

Several years ago I was at a mall near Atlanta and they had a glass booth near the food court and with some high energy guys/gals offering body scans to help you shop for clothes. At that point in time I didn’t know much about 3D scanning, but it was free, so I figured what the heck. It was done by a company called Me-Ality on what is called a Me-Ality Size-Matching Station. I just stood still for a few seconds while the machine scanned 200,000 points on my body and then spit out a printout full of information. For starters it nailed my waist and inseam, but what it also did was give me a list of specific styles and cuts that would look best on me from over 150 brands. Continue reading

“Point and Shoot” 3D Scanner under $1,000 from Fuel3D!

“Point and shoot” was a term used to describe cameras in a day where taking a good picture often required skill and focusing.  This has often been the case in 3D scanning, to get quality you needed the mechanical or software equivalent of a manual focus.  The new Fuel3D scanner allows users to quickly capture objects without sacrificing quality.  The goal is to create, “A handheld 3D scanner…most independent game developers, designers and artists can afford.”  Sure there are a few other “point and shoot” scanners like the XBox Kinect, but not with this type of quality for under $1,000.   Continue reading

3D Football Contest! Are You Ready for Some Football?


The trophy! (just a rendering, actual trophy may look slightly different)

It’s time for our our first ever contest, NFL survivor, and the winner will walk with the coveted 2013 Golden 3D Printed Football Gear trophy! The trophy is being made by Greg Thoman at GearUp3D!  It’s free to enter!

If you’ve never played survivor, it’s super easy. All you do is pick one team each week that you know won’t lose. Sound too easy? Here’s the catch, you can only pick a team once each season and once you miss or don’t pick for a week you’re done. Continue reading

Deltaprintr, A New Low Cost High Quality 3D Printer Coming This Fall!


Here at Printing DDD we pride ourselves on not just cutting and pasting 3D printing related news like a lot of other sites., we try to provide unique insights and information.  To that end we’d like to tell you about the Deltaprintr and our Q&A with one it’s developers, Shai Schechter.  The Deltaprintr will be launching this fall with a Kickstarter campaign, you get e-mail updates about it here!   Continue reading

Pink Goo at the Dentist Replaced With Red Laser Scanning?

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Image courtesy of Ambro at

If you’ve had braces like me you may remember the dentist filling large metal trays with a pink goo which you then had to hold in your mouth to make molds of your teeth.  Those days may be gone and our kids thankfully may never have that memory thanks to new 3D laser scanning technology.  Checkout the great Stratasys YouTube video about 3D scanning and orthodontics.

Now the benefits aren’t just limited to kids with braces, but adults needing dentures also benefit. Continue reading

Printing with Liquid Metal Resembles Art

Video used with permission of the Dickey Group

You simply have to watch the above video made by the Dickey Research Group out of North Carolina State University.  It is part breakthrough engineering and part art.  The work can be described as using a syringe to place small spheres of liquid metal into intricate 3D patterns at room temperature.  A great article was written about it in Laboratory Equipment with more technical details.  The video comes complete with background music and watching the structures take shape is mesmerizing.  Applications include things such as liquid metal wires and other electronic components.  It’s also great to see excellent scientific research published with style and substance that the average person finds accessible and can enjoy while simultaneously understanding a new complex concept!