3D Printing the Mars Perseverance Rover

Were you like me and glued to your computer for the “7 minutes of terror” landing of the Mars rover Perseverance on February 18th? Engineering things like a supersonic parachute, sky crane and an onboard helicopter to work remotely after a journey of millions of miles is mind boggling. However, 3D printing is on Mars too! You can read in a NASA article about how there are 11 3D printed parts on the rover.

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Visiting Construction of the First Freeform 3D Printed Building Facade @TVFCU Chattanooga Utilizing Branch Technology’s C-Fab® Process

TVFCU Southside Branch on 2/21/21 (picture by Doug Mancosky)

This past weekend I visited TVFCU’s new Southside Branch, located at 125 West 20th Street in Chattanooga which is about an hour from my home. This financial building represents the the first-ever 3D-printed building façade and uses a a patented 3D printing process called Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab®) by Branch Technology also of Chattanooga.

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3D Printing and Fireworks! Wetzel Pyrotechnics is a Pioneer in the Field

Watching the Inauguration Day events I was blown away by the fireworks.  The ABC news video has some cool stats about it, but essentially the sky over DC was on fire for 5 minutes.  I’m a fireworks junkie and am known for my annual display attended by family and friends, so the fact that the folks at Wetzel Pyrotechnics are using 3D printing with fireworks has me thrilled.

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