Add a 3D Printer to Your Doomsday Bunker?

Do you know the guy who has the room in his basement with enough baked beans and chili to last a decade?  Commonly referred to as “preppers”, there’s a group out there who actively prepares for emergencies causing disruption in our modern lifestyle.  I saw this great read from 3D Printer Chat about a 3D printer for your bomb shelter and it made me think that a 3D printer really should be in every bunker. Continue reading

Hurricane Rebuild with 3D Printing?

The hurricanes have been heartbreaking and the rebuilding process will be slow for many.  This is often due to money, but also can be related to resources.  Here’s a great read about 3D printing a house.  Maybe someday this could be used to quickly rebuild or make a house stronger and less likely to be damaged.