Make a 3D Printed Replica of yourself with Doob

Have you ever wanted to have your own action figure? Maybe you have an ego big enough to give a mini version of yourself to your significant other? With Doob you simply get scanned in a “doob-licator” and a couple weeks later your your doob is delivered! They appear closed for Covid, but hopefully will reopen soon.

Get a 3D Printed Tardigrade Sculpture by Eric Ho at Shapeways

Have you ever heard of a tardigrade or “water bear” before?  These are some of the most resilient creatures on earth and nearly immortal.  According to National Geographic:

“Tardigrades can go up to 30 years without food or water. They can also live at temperatures as cold as absolute zero or above boiling, at pressures six times that of the ocean’s deepest trenches, and in the vacuum of space.”

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