3D Scanning 10,000 Women to Make a Better Swimsuit with Summersalt

Adidas used 3D scanning to help make better fitting suits for elite athletes years ago.  Now Summersalt is using it to help make better fitting suits for everyone.  This is described and demonstrated in a great article in Business Insider:

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Would Noah Use 3D Printing to Build an Ark? The Ark Encounter Did.

I was recently in Lexington, KY and curiosity compelled me to checkout the nearby Ark Encounter.  As a scientist it was an “interesting” day, but I’ll leave all the religious and scientific discussions for someone else.  This, after all, is a 3D printing blog, not one discussing the dueling theories of intelligent design versus evolution.  You’ll see lots of things on your visit from animals to dinosaurs, but you’ll also see information on how they built the Ark and  3D printing/scanning had a role. Continue reading

3D Printing in the Bathroom? A Cool 3D Printed Faucet from @DXV!

OK, so the bathroom is the last room in your house I’d probably expect to run into a 3D printed object, but I guess I was wrong.  DXV, the luxury portfolio from American Standard, has made some amazing looking 3D printed faucets that will blow your mind.  These designs are the type that machining or casting would obviously struggle greatly to produce. Continue reading

3D Printed Trophy at Olympics Instead of Flowers. I Suppose it Beats a Celery Crown…

Copy of Rio sculpture that you can buy on eBay.

Copy of Rio trophy that you can buy on eBay.

It appears instead of flowers, Olympians on the medal stand got a 3D printed sculpture.  This was said to be less wasteful than flowers and I suppose more of a long term keepsake.  You can read more about it here and even buy your own version on eBay like the picture above.  I suppose it beats the old Isthmian games in ancient Corinth, there if you won you got a crown made out of celery!

I’ll Take the Roast Beef and a 3D Print from @Subway?


I opened up my e-mail and was shocked to see Subway and 3D printing together with their #FULLYBAKED #CONTEST.  The contest is being run through Twitter and until the end of the month you’re challenged to enter your sub inspired ideas to win prizes.  I wasn’t shocked by the $500 gift card, but the offer of a 3D printed model of your idea was an amazing touch!  This is the first mass market contest I can remember with a 3D printing twist.  Get your ideas in, thanks Subway!

3D Printing and Scanning Revolutionizing Museums

I was watching the 3rd and final installment of the Night at the Museum the other day where the exhibits literally spring to life.  This type of thing may not be too far away thanks to 3D printing and scanning technology.  The Smithsonian Museums already have a large amount of items scanned and available publicly as part of the Smithsonian X 3D project.  The Smithsonian even 3D scanned President Obama to create a life mask and 3D printed bust as part of his display for the National Portrait Gallery. Continue reading

3D Print a Home on Mars? #MakerBotMars Challenge Winners!

Makerbot ran a great contest to 3D print a home on Mars.   In cooperation with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, contestants were challenged to create a mars base that could deal with the harsh conditions, dust storms, lack of oxygen and radiation found on the red plant.  Here are some fun Mars facts to give an idea of the challenges.  There were some great entries borrowing from nature with honeycomb to borrowing from the ancient engineering with a pyramid.  Head on over and check it out!