STL Search Engine From @stlfinder

I ran across STL Finder and it’s a pretty cool site for finding 3D models for your 3D printer.  I wouldn’t call it a “search engine” in the classic sense in that it doesn’t appear to be indexing broad online content like Google does, but rather it is indexing files from major and submitted online repositories. Continue reading

The Anything Factory: A quick overview of @GEAdditive

So there you have three of the aspects of a great commercial: wit, misdirection and kids.  However, in many ways it is truly descriptive of what GE Additive is setting out to do.  According to their website:

As a leading user of the additive technologies, we offer years of experience and a commitment to accelerating additive’s adoption around the globe. That’s why we now supply innovative machines, materials and engineering consulting services to industries ranging from power and medical to aerospace and automotive.

Continue reading

Will China soon be 3D Printing on the Moon?

Perhaps you have been following the news of China’s recent landing on the dark side of the moon.  The complex Chang’e4 setup has a rover and uses relay satellites to send the information back to Earth.  This is just part of a series of missions, however, with subsequent Chang’e missions looking to do things such  as bring moon rocks back to Earth with the overall goal of establishing a base on the moon.  Perhaps most exciting to us is that the Chang’e8 is scheduled to have a 3D printer on board to look at 3D printing structures for a moon base. Continue reading

3D Printing in the Super Bowl 54 Helmet?

A new helmet is coming from Riddell called the Diamond. Made from a ton of lattices, these helmets can potentially customize protection areas to the playing habits of an individual player. You can read a great report about these new helmets here. These helmets won’t be available until next year and maybe one even makes an appearance in next year’s Super Bowl!