Help Vote on the Local Motors 3D printed Car Design

Local Motors has launched an awesome 3D printed car challenge.  Local Motors is a place where, “We operate a growing global network of microfactories. Each destination is a place (microfactory) where innovators create amazing products and consumers come to marvel and shop.”  Local motors creates a space and a bullpen of engineers that entrepreneurs can collaborate with, both physically and virtually, to create amazing motored inventions.  Think of it as an incubator of sorts, but highly focused to the automotive space. Continue reading

3D Printed Skateboard Takes Personalization 3D!

This cool board was made by prototyping service, Solid Concepts.  It is made using SLS and is manufactured out of Nylon 12.  The boards were made to show that 3D printing could be both beautiful, but also functional and stand-up to the abuse expected from a commercial product. Continue reading

3D Printing and Summer Movies

Summer movie season is upon us and it’s time for aliens, bad guys and car chases to invade our local theaters.  3D printing has become a staple in movie special effects and costumes.  From RoboCop’s helmet and suit to a yacht on Wolf of Wall Street, it’s now a common tool for special effects engineers.  Back in the 70’s digital special effects, miniatures were the norm and used for some classic scenes like the space battles in Star Wars (great video above). Continue reading is an Awesome Combo of Art and Technology, Learn How You Can Be Part of Both!

3D Printed Art (used with permission of

3D Printed Art (used with permission of has created a great piece of 3D printed sculpture called “Linked” and you can be part!  Of course art is only part of PrintToPeer’s efforts, they are also the creators of a web platform to make 3D printing easier.  Using a Raspberry Pi computer connected to your printer, the web service allows you to do things like virtually slice objects and repair STL files without needing a beefy computer as the work is done in the cloud. Continue reading