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Printing DDD is a site related to the rapid growing industry of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.  Printing DDD is a combined effort of Mr. Thomas McGurk and Dr. Douglas Mancosky.  Mr. McGurk is a practicing attorney with expertise in intellectual property law, no doubt to a huge topic in 3D printing, and an engineer.  Dr. Mancosky has a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech in engineering and years of experience deploying equipment in many industries.  Together we bring years of industrial experience and hope to provide commentary and insight on 3D printing from our unique perspectives.

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. So…..I’m in the process of creating my third clay model for a ventriloquist figure….I’m trying to do this as quickly and as inexpensive as possible…..is this something your going to offer, what is the cost, what are your image copy rights…this could change the world of ventriloquism…I plan on going on tour next year full time next year with non profit group and a non-bullying campaign. I know my new figure will be a hit…….how can I find out more about 3D printing….and cost…….molding and casting is soooooooo much work…..I decided to make my figures on my own because the only company I’ve found that produces them with a great look charges a small fortune and keeps the right to your mold…..problem for me…….I am very interested in this …can you please give me some more information.

    • We’re just a blog reporting on it, so we have no plans to offer the service. Finding someone to scan your clay and produce a printed version should be pretty easy locally. Shop around for price and comfort for things like copyright. Here’s a place in Chicago I’ve contracted personally in Chicago http://www.the3dprinterexperience.com if you strike out locally and are OK working at a distance. Expect to pay a couple hundred for a scan and a print of the typical dummy head I’m used to seeing. Here’s an entry from our “secret shopper” at that store https://printingddd.com/2013/09/09/chicago/.

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