Got an Idea for a 3D Printable Small Robot to Assist in Bomb Disposal? Another @Innocentive Challege!

File:LA County Sheriff Bomb Robot 2.JPG

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department display at Public Safety Day in Lakewood, California. Photo by Eric Polk (

You may remember we have written a past article about Innocentive, well there’s another new great challenge.  You can earn $50,000 for designing a cheap 3D printed robot to help bomb squads.  Here are the details from the site:

The Seeker desires a small, inexpensive, 3D printable robot which can assist bomb squads in looking inside potential car bombs, and manipulating small objects.  The robot should be small enough to be carried by a typical bomb squad robot, and should be able to be placed or dropped inside a vehicle suspected of carrying an explosive device.  The small, printable robot should be able to maneuver throughout a vehicle, perform reconnaissance, and performing a few basic manipulations.

The deadline is November 27, 2014 and here’s the site one more time  Good luck everyone!

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