Would you Like Fries with that 3D Print? Remembering My Childhood Zoo Day.

Mold-A-Rama of JFK's bust in honor of today's 50th anniversary (used with permission).

Mold-A-Rama of JFK’s bust in honor of today’s 50th anniversary (used with permission).

I saw an article where McDonald’s is considering using in store 3D printers to make happy meal toys.  This could have lots of cool benefits from being having “perfect inventory” with no shortages/leftovers or being sure a customer gets just the toy they’re missing to complete a set.  Of course this brought back to mind the originator of this concept, Mold-a-Rama.   Continue reading

We Have a Winner of the 3D Football!

Grant and his prize

Grant and his prize

Congrats to Grant of Made In Space (great company working to bring 3D printing to space exploration) who won our first annual NFL Survivor tournament!  He’s the proud recipient of the “gear” 3D printed football trophy made for us by GearUp3D.  Grant had the following comment on his win, “2013 was a year of destiny – I was determined to have that 3D printed football trophy. Continue reading