National Voter Registration Day! Free #Vote 3D Printed STL file!

Today, September 22nd, is National Voter Registration Day! As we’re a 3D printing site and not a political site we wanted to be sure to have a 3D printing angle. We created this nifty little 3D file that is great as a keychain, ornament or earrings. You can download the STL file here!

If you’ve never registered to vote or have moved now is the time if you want to be sure to be able to vote in November. Head to to register, should onlytake about 2 minutes.

Note that we are in no way endorsing any candidate or party, just encouraging voting. Democracy works best when more of us participate. Below you can find a great chart about when you can start voting in your state (most states allow you to vote in some form prior to November 3rd).

Also, for the first 25 people to email us your name and address we’ll send a keychain, ornament or earrings (note preference). Send to Note that your address will be used for nothing else. Also, this is in no way a reward for registering or voting, just the first 25 no strings attached.about:blankREPORT THIS AD

So please register and if you have already registered then vote!

Thanks to my buddy Chris for thedesign/printing assist and to gracesteban for the inspiration for the keychain or earrings. Our STP file was built from scratch due to some technical shortcomings with gracesteban’s original.

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