Like to Solve Engineering Problems? Try Innocentive and Earn $!


So we’ll file this one under something I thought readers of a 3D printing blog would find interesting.  Many years ago at a trade show in Las Vegas I stumbled upon a both for a company called Innocentive.  Their concept was simple, but it blew me away.  Companies (or sometimes individuals) would post real world science challenges and offer rewards to the individuals who could help solve them.   It was years ahead of its time on the social interaction spectrum and I’ve religiously gotten their e-mail challenge summaries since that day.  Occasionally they’ll have a 3D printing related challenge, but I also like looking at things outside my areas of expertise.  It’s sort of like intellectual lubrication, it gets me thinking outside the box.  Well check it out, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and maybe it can help us solve some of the 3D Printing related challenges out there!

2 thoughts on “Like to Solve Engineering Problems? Try Innocentive and Earn $!

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