Bionic 3D Printed Man?

The Incredible Bionic Man from the Smithsonian (

The Incredible Bionic Man from the Smithsonian (

In past entries we’ve talked about 3D printing medical applications and now the Smithsonian brings is the Incredible Bionic Man.  Combining several separate technologies, many 3D printing based, they have created a near 3D printed bionic man.  From heart to lungs to limbs, someday you may able to get a replacement for whatever ails you.  You’ve probably seen articles about a 3d printed organ or a 3D printed prosthetic, but this really puts the current state of the art in each medical area together.  With all the healing advances here it was ironic that we caught an article today about 3D printed tumors too.  In many ways this is exciting though as it shows the continuing trend of more applications 3D printing organic tissue.

3D printing has been in medicine for decades, but things are sure to get really exciting in the next few years.  For you fans of Star Trek the Next Generation, we may move right past Commander Data mechanical androids and straight to biological created humanoids.  Let’s hope we continue making our kids the old fashioned way rather than ordering them though!

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