I got to see Velo3D at Hypersonic Plane Maker Hermeus

I had the chance to tour hypersonic plane maker Hermeus as part of a tour through Next Generation Manufacturing of Georgia. We had to sign a non-disclosure as part of the tour so I can’t say much about what I saw and I’ll just limit my comments to what’s in press releases and other places in the public domain.

Velo3D states about Hermeus that:

Using Velo3D’s End-to-end Metal Additive Manufacturing Solution, the Hypersonics Aerospace Company Will 3D Print Parts For its Mach 5 Chimera Engine and Quarterhorse Aircraft


You can read details here in the Velo3D press release. It was great to see 3D printing used on such a scale. Below is a picture of our group in front of one of the Quarterhorse mock-ups.

Photo taken and provided by Hermeus

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