RBI Baseball Opening Day and 3D Photo Booths?

My buddy Jeremy and his wife Heather in a photo booth.

My buddy Jeremy and his wife Heather in a photo booth.

One of the highlights of our wedding was a photo booth we had setup where guests could use props and make some funny memories of the day.  There’s another type of photo booth coming on the scene, a 3D photo booth.  3D Systems now offers the 3DMe PhotoBooth to quickly and easily capture faces.

My dad on his own baseball card taken at the 2011 All-Star game in Phoenix.

So what are some of the uses of such technology?  Maybe you want your own action figure or maybe you want to put yourself in a video game!  If you know what up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A is then you’re probably of my generation and remember classics like Tecmo Bowl and RBI Baseball.  Today marks the return of this franchise with the new 2014 version of RBI Baseball available for download!  We’ve talked about 3D scanning in games before from this week’s Masters at Agusta National to racing games to XBox Kinects at the Korean border, but there’s a great baseball application too.  My local Atlanta Braves did what has become a rite of spring, get scanned for this year’s installment of the latest video game.  Just like taking a picture for your baseball card, media guide or the team picture, it has become standard to hear, “Jones, head to the clubhouse it’s your turn to get scanned.”  It’s not hard to see how technology like the XBox Kinect could allow users to capture their own likeness and import it directly into the game.  Sure many games have character creator editors, but it can take hours of going through different permutations of 50 different noses, lips and skin tones to get something that even remotely looks like you.  We’ll handle some of the privacy and security concerns quick high quality scanning another day, but right now it’s cool to think that every little boy and boys that are no longer so little will soon be able to live the dream and be in the game!

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