Jeff and the 3D Printer Experience in Chicago

3D Printer Experience

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I was reading about a great new facility in Chicago called The 3D Printer Experience.  My good friend Jeff, who is a graphic designer, just moved up that way and I figured this was a perfect evening diversion for him and a great 1st guest reporter for us.  So we made an appointment and sent Jeff in to check the place out.

From their press materials:

The new 3D Printer Experience is composed of three parts where visitors can explore how to use this cutting-edge technology to create any object they imagine. People can have their head scanned and replicated as a 3D portrait, printed in just a matter of minutes. They can also channel their own creativity and design a one-of-a-kind pendant with a custom, fun and easy-to-use application available within the retail space. While visitors wait for their 3D print-outs, they can visit the “Inspiration Lounge” to select an item and see it made before their eyes. Guests can also enjoy and purchase items from a gallery of unique objects.

Jeff Forman

Jeff Forman

So back to Jeff.  I made him an appointment and he headed the 3D Printer Experience one night after work.  We did the “get scanned and printed” experience.  For this “experience” Jeff was scanned with an XBox Kinect and then his likeness was printed for him while he waited.  While waiting for his print, Jeff got to explore the facility, checking out 3D printed samples including some very intricate printed armor-like mesh.  Before long his print was done and here are the results!

Jeff in 3D

Jeff in 3D (with hat and scarf)

Not bad for $25 and a few minutes of time!  Thanks to Anna and Kathleen from the 3D Printer Experience for the help in putting this together!

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