Coke Makes Customers into Action Figures

Who hasn’t played with an action figure and pretended it was them?  As part of a marketing campaign Coke gave customers the opportunity to do just that!  This is an awesome use of 3D printing for marketing purposes. and here’s a great article about other figurine applications.  Another cool one was Disney and their “D-Tech Me” Experience at Downtown Disney in Orlando.  If you’re a Star Wars fan they offer scanning and 3D printing you as a storm trooper!  If you’re more of a princess person, they offer the opportunity to be 3D printed as Belle or Rapunzel too.  No doubt people will hold onto these for a long time and show them frequently, a marketing dream.  3D scanning and printing offer near limitless opportunities for personalized marketing and mementos.

One thought on “Coke Makes Customers into Action Figures

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