Cuboyo: Files For Your Printer Complete with 3D Dollar Store!


“Dave” who helps explain Cuboyo on (used with permission)

So you just dropped the equivalent of a used car on a 3D printer and now you’re wondering what to do with it?  A new service, Cuboyo, can help!

I stumbled upon Cuboyo and loved their approach to the whole buy/sell 3D file space.  We’ve already written about what would initially sound like a similar service, CGTrader,  but, Cuboyo is a pure 3D printer file  play as opposed to 3D models for things like games or computer animation you’d find at CGTrader.  Cuboyo is a place where you can buy 3D files for your printer or sell designs you’ve created.  There’s everything from iPhone cases to chess sets to a baseball batting helmet!

A couple of things struck me about Cuboyo.  First, it’s super easy to use.  Music file services existed before iTunes, but Apple made it simple and the rest is history.  I see the same with Cuboyo.  Second, there are many files that are only $1, think of it as a 3D printer file “dollar store”.  In this economy dollar stores have been thriving and I could see the same thing happening here.  A cheap $1 iPhone case gets you in the door, but then you see how easy it is, like it and keep coming back.

We look forward to following Cuboyo and its growing catalog!

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