There’s an App for That


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

There’s a whole new group of 3D related apps from buying to drawing to printing to scanning and modifying.  First, there’s ebay Exact.  Yep, it’s that eBay.  This app lets you customize several base objects and have them printed.  Then there’s Cubify, where you can draw an oject on your screen with your finger and convert it to 3D.  Next there’s Sculpteo, think 3D printer for hire with helpful software.

Finally there’s the web based app by Volumental on Kickstarter.  I’m a personal supporter of this one where you can use something like an Xbox Kinect to capture data that can then be modified in your web browser.  Here’s a great example with Caroline from Volumental.

Apps and smartphones are one of the things revolutionizing our society and it’s great seeing it combined with the 3D revolution!


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