Is it eBay in 3D? Craigslist for CAD? CGTrader, a New 3D Marketplace!

CGTrader2_FBSo you have yourself a new 3D printer or laser scanner, but what now?  Maybe like make your own CAD files or maybe you’d like somebody else to do all that work?  Perhaps you’re working on a video game, computer graphic or animation and are looking for some stock graphics?  CGTrader may be the place for you.  CGTrader is a 3D marketplace in the truest sense of the definition, a place where buyers and sellers can meet.  Think of it as a 3D where designers/sellers can offer their 3D wares to buyers while CGTrader takes a small cut as the middleman.  What makes this market special is its diversity of objects, great prices, variety of formats and just overall ease of use.  You can search for files formatted and ready to 3D print, get information about polygon count and lots of other pertinent info.  There’s even a good amount of free stuff for playing with.

What made iTunes a hit?  There were lots of other sites with music at the time, some of them free, but iTunes had the rare combination of technology and wide selection with intuitive simplicity.  I see the same thing with CGTrader, this site is as clean, polished and intuitive.  Sometimes in a new business area equipment sales can be a dangerous place to be.  Who knows if you’re backing the Betamax or VHS,  the next Zune or iPod.  In a developing market content is most often the place to be and being a content market maker is even better!  In terms of content markets, they’re not the only game in town, but the best I’ve seen so far.  As word spreads, expect to hear more about CGTrader!


2 thoughts on “Is it eBay in 3D? Craigslist for CAD? CGTrader, a New 3D Marketplace!

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