Pink Goo at the Dentist Replaced With Red Laser Scanning?

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Image courtesy of Ambro at

If you’ve had braces like me you may remember the dentist filling large metal trays with a pink goo which you then had to hold in your mouth to make molds of your teeth.  Those days may be gone and our kids thankfully may never have that memory thanks to new 3D laser scanning technology.  Checkout the great Stratasys YouTube video about 3D scanning and orthodontics.

Now the benefits aren’t just limited to kids with braces, but adults needing dentures also benefit.  The company Dentca will scan your mouth and can make dentures in one visit where it often would take several.  I’ve also benefited from this with dental crowns.  My dentist sprinkled a powder on the tooth, gave it a laser scan, got a CAD image and then used a small mill to make a porcelain crown that was glued in place all in about 20 minutes.  I had no idea people used to have to have a temporary crown and come back 1-2 weeks later for the real thing.  I wondered why people thought getting a crown was such a big deal as this is the only way I’ve ever know.  I hope future generations are just as ignorant thanks to 3D technology.

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