Deltaprintr, A New Low Cost High Quality 3D Printer Coming This Fall!


Here at Printing DDD we pride ourselves on not just cutting and pasting 3D printing related news like a lot of other sites., we try to provide unique insights and information.  To that end we’d like to tell you about the Deltaprintr and our Q&A with one it’s developers, Shai Schechter.  The Deltaprintr will be launching this fall with a Kickstarter campaign, you get e-mail updates about it here!  The Deltaprintr will be both high quality (100 micron resolution) and low cost due to its simple design, a rare combo, and it just looks cool too. It will also be presented at World Maker Faire in New York on September 21-22nd, so stop by if you’re in the area. Here’s my Q&A with Shai:

What are 1-2 defining characteristics that make your printer unique from other low cost printers?
1. Our printer has less parts than other 3d printers therefore reducing the cost and hassle of assembly.
2. We have a very beautiful manual that we’re working on. We can’t reveal it yet, but if you are to consider our site design as “top notch”, then our manual will be just as good if not better 🙂
Who is your target audience for this printer?
Our original inspiration came from when I (Shai) originally built a reprap for our University to use because of limited funds. After realizing 3D Printing’s potential in education and seeing rising demand from fellow college students for a printer of their own, we set out to make our own printer that not only those who can afford to pay over $1,000 for a printer could get, but also college students like our friends whose funds are limited.
You’re launching a Kickstarter campaign this fall to commercialize, but how long has the printer been in development?
We’ve been working on the printer since around May, now we are in the stages of getting our electrical components into production.
Is there any significance behind the “Deltaprintr” name?
We chose the Deltaprintr name for its ease of pronunciation and distinct name.

Thanks so much to Shai and Deltaprintr for their time!

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