Amy Elliott (@Amytheengineer) is an Amazing 3D Printing Follow

Influencers are important and Amy Elliott is tons of fun to follow if you love 3D printing and science in general.  I first saw Amy on the show Outrageous Acts of Science and then was thrilled to see she was a scientist working on 3D printing just up the road at ORNL (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) up in TN.

I’ve been lucky enough to do work at ORNL a couple times and it’s a great place, it felt like Disney for engineers. So much great 3D printing work has come out of that place and people like Amy are the ones driving it. Amy has like 2,600 Twitter followers while we have like 5,000, which is ridiculous considering how amazing here content is. So check out her Twitter and check out Outrageous Acts of Science, you won’t be disappointed! This is especially true if you have young girls and are looking for a great role model.

We love Amy’s work and are big fans. Maybe one day we’ll even try to interview Amy here?

Clip above is from Outrageous Acts of Science, you’ll see Amy about 2 minutes in. Great show!

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