Get a 3D Printed Tardigrade Sculpture by Eric Ho at Shapeways

Have you ever heard of a tardigrade or “water bear” before?  These are some of the most resilient creatures on earth and nearly immortal.  According to National Geographic:

“Tardigrades can go up to 30 years without food or water. They can also live at temperatures as cold as absolute zero or above boiling, at pressures six times that of the ocean’s deepest trenches, and in the vacuum of space.”

These little guys made the news last year when a lunar lander from Israel crashed and spilled thousands of the little guys on the lunar surface.  It’s not really known if any of the little guys survived, but there’s a chance there’s life on the moon now and will be for some time.

Now you can 3D print a tardigrade thanks to Shapeways and Eric Ho.  It could be cool to get one of these sculptures as a conversation piece for your desk to tell visitors about the amazing tardigrade!

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