The 3D Printed Wedding of Erin Winick

As a subscriber to MIT Technology Review I was thrilled to see this article by Erin Winick about how she 3D printed her entire wedding.  I thought it was cool years ago when a buddy designed and printed his wife’s ring, but Erin took things to another level.  With a background in mechanical engineering and being a 3D printer owner, the 3D printing allowed Erin both personalization and customization as well as cost savings in most instances. In the article Erin states that:

“Whenever there was a choice between making and buying something, I went for the 3D-printing option. I printed my headband, the bouquets for me and my bridesmaids, all the table numbers, the cake topper, the floral cake decorations, and the flower girl’s necklace.”

Hopefully we see 3D printing become even more common at wedding whether it be customized cake toppers or flowers that won’t wilt and wither.  Erin even has put some of her designs out there for other couples to use such as her headband and table numbers.  Congrats Erin, looks like you had a beautiful day!

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