3D Scanning 10,000 Women to Make a Better Swimsuit with Summersalt

Adidas used 3D scanning to help make better fitting suits for elite athletes years ago.  Now Summersalt is using it to help make better fitting suits for everyone.  This is described and demonstrated in a great article in Business Insider:

The 1.5 million body measurements the company took from 10,000 women probably have something to do with the spot-on fit. It also employs a patented “TrueMeasure” process, which uses 3D body scanning, mass customization, and computer-aided design to make its suits and direct its supply chain.”

In the article the authors actually try several suits with great results.  I’m a guy, but I can imagine from shopping with my wife that a swimming suit would be a tough thing to buy online to assure proper fit, coverage and support.  Happy to see 3D scanning making the summer perhaps a bit easier and less stressful.

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