Wanna Own Part of a 3D Printing Company? Checkout @WhiteClouds on Wefunder!

Do you want in on the 3D printing revolution?  Sure your could purchase a few shares of one of the large publicly traded companies, but it’s more exciting (and potentially more rewarding) to get in on the early stages of a company doing novel and exciting things.  Right now WhiteClouds is raising funds over on WefunderWefunder is a crowdfunding portal/service created under the 2012 JOBS Act which allows unaccredited investors to provide equity for entrepreneurial undertakings.  From breweries to 3D companies, you can be part of exciting new companies.

WhiteClouds distinguishes itself from similar companies by looking to make customized end consumer products, not industrial prototypes.  Unlike a lot of crowdfunding companies, WhiteClouds already has significant revenue and boasts some exciting products and partners:

WhiteClouds is a cloud-based 3D-printing service that enables businesses to create personalized products for their consumers. For instance, we 3D print all of Microsoft’s personalized Halo 5 characters. It’s a service Microsoft offers their customers online and when an order is submitted, we create the product and fulfill it.

We’ll be watching their raise closely and wish them all the best!

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