3D Printing and Fireworks

Firework of Lake of Annecy festival 2005 (Photography by Semnoz)

Firework of Lake of Annecy festival 2005 (Photography by Semnoz)

So I’m a huge fan of fireworks and the 4th of July is probably my second favorite holiday.  The obvious choice could be the printing of tubes for shooting mortars as many of these are already plastic.

 The only thing I could find was this relatively dangerous use of 3D printing to make a fireworks bazooka (kids don’t try this at home).  Many of the newer shells rely on shape charges to make shapes and the sky, so perhaps someday the cardboard and gunpowder itself may be printed.  So what do you think could be potential firework applications?

5 thoughts on “3D Printing and Fireworks

  1. We already print holders for Roman candles and one shots using 3D printing. Check out @wetzelpyro on Instagram or Twitter and visit our website at http://www.wetzelpyro.com as they are now available for purchase. We can also custom design anything to fit your needs. Inherently firing mortars from 3D printed tubes would not be safe as the material cannot take the pressures but there are ways to incorporate 3D printing technology into displays.

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