3D Printing Stocks the Secret for your Retirement?

Some rights reserved by Tulane Public Relations

Some rights reserved by Tulane Public Relations

Looking to save for retirement?  Maybe investing part of your portfolio in 3D printing could be the way to go.  3D printing is growing by 13.5% annually and expected to reach $3.5 billion in 2017.  at that rate you’ll double your money in a little over 5 years.  13.5% is a pretty good growth rate and rate of return on investment, but it’s a question of picking the winning stocks.  Maybe you’re a fan of CNBC’s Jim Cramer like me.  In a recent extended segment on Mad Money he said, “I think the 3D business is for real, not some flash-in-the pan and Stratasys (SSYS) is the way to play it.”  If 1 or 2 stocks is too risky for you, an ETF can be the way to play a whole industry and spread out the risk.  As of today no 3D printing specific ETF exists, but there are 2 indexes and that’s the first step.  These are STOXX and SOLDDD, with both performing nicely this past year.  STOXX alone would have doubled your money with an investment a year ago.  You can read more about these indexes in an article in Motley Fool.  The key to investing is buy low and sell high.  The general population is just beginning to discover 3D printing and hopefully this fuels a rise in stocks and returns for those who got in early!

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