Creative Culture Catalysts…3C’s for better 3D

Stuck in a rut?

Stuck in a rut?

In literature it’s called writer’s block, in R&D it’s an empty pipeline, these are both examples of a drought of creativity.  I‘m a big believer that while there is an element of natural ability, creativity can also be learned and refined.  Like sports or an instrument, practice makes perfect and there are also catalysts out there.  It’s amazing how fast we can get into a rut and it takes proactive actions to break free.  Here are a few habits that I use to try to keep myself fresh:

  1. Take a different route to work
  2. Listen to a different radio station
  3. Subscribe to 2 free journals that have nothing to do with your industry
  4. Attend a random trade show
  5. Sit somewhere else, for work, church, TV, etc.
  6. Do a MadLib, play Pictionary, Catchphrase, etc.
  7. Hang with some kids of all ages
  8. Watch some Discovery Channel
  9. Do a daily brain teaser
  10. Read the news

No doubt 3D printing is being advanced by some pretty creative minds.  Here’s hoping a few more people will take a running leap outside the box and come-up with some new paradigm shifting technologies!

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