A 3D Printed Bra from Arí van Twillert may be the next evolution of lingerie

We’ve chatted about 3D printed clothing in the past from dresses to a bikini, but could it soon extend to lingerie? There have been one-offs by places like Victoria’s Secret, but it appears it could now go mainstream. Could this be the next evolution of the bra?

3D technology appears to have first hit the mainstream with companies like Evelyn & Bobbie 3D scanning hundreds of women to create an algorithm for better fit. Now Arí van Twillert is doing both 3D scanning and 3D printing of critical structural components. A “curvearis” is custom fit using a high definition 3D body scan and created using a specialist 3D printer.

The Curvearis is a new kind of breast support element, it follows your unique curves precisely to create a level of fit unmatched anywhere else in the world.


According to a great Forbes article about Arí van Twillert, all this customization could lead to a near $1,000 bra. Being a man my experience here is obviously zilch (other than hearing from women how this can be one of the most uncomfortable pieces of clothing and most difficult to find a good fit) however, if it is durable and could be worn almost every day there could definitely be a market.

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