3D Printed Summer Fun!

We just passed July 4th, so I thought I’d give you a couple fun stories related to summer themes and 3D printing.  What goes better with a July 4th BBQ than an ice cold beverage?  You can use the Spin Chill to cool a beverage in minutes by spinning it witch this small mechanical device in ice (the spinning is smooth so it doesn’t create bubbles).  The original prototypes of the Spin Chill were developed with 3D printing and this was followed with a KickStarter campaign.  Speaking of beer, another company even makes 3D printed beer taps!

Another great 4th tradition is the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island.  Artist Fred Kahl (The Great Fredini) created a 3D Printed version of Luna Park at Coney Island as it existed 100 years ago.  What’s cool is that the crowd at the park is made up of people he full body scanned using a Kinect from an XBox 360.  What’s even more cool is his “Scan-A-Rama 3D” still exists and you can do today to make a 3D printed statue of yourself for everything from wedding cake toppers to a Presidential style bust!

Happy Summer!

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