Will you Have a 3D Printed Christmas Ornament this Year?

3D printed ornament

3D printed ornament available on Etsy for only $11! (photo courtesy of CarryTheWhat Etsy store)

If you’re a purist like me the Christmas season is just a couple days away as Thanksgiving fades into Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  We expect the biggest ever 3D printed Christmas and wonder how may trees will have a 3D printed ornament this year?

A lot of people are getting in the act this year, the White House even hosted the first 3D printed ornament contest!  You can head over to Instructables to see some of the entries that might hang on the President’s Christmas tree this year.

Ornaments can be special, my wife and I get one when we travel and if 3D printing is special to you this is a great way to show it!  You can even buy one for only $11 from Chris and Cyndi at CarryTheWhat for only $11 on Etsy.  Happy shopping everyone!

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