Wood you like to 3D print a tree?

With my background in pulp and paper I was thrilled to see some new filaments made from wood!  MCor has been around for a while with paper 3D printing, but we’re now talking real wood with texture, rings and the general look and feel you’d expect.  Not everything in our world is made from ABS or PLA, we have wood, concrete, glass, fabric, etc. and for 3D printing to be a complete manufacturing solution of the future it needs to be able to use versatile materials.  One of the coolest wood filaments out there is called LAYWOO-3D.  According to the company it:

  • has near zero warp
  • smells like wood
  • can have rough or smooth surfaces
  • has printable tree rings (print temperature ranging form 185°C bright to 230°C dark color appearance)
  • contains 40% of recycled wood

We hope to have more features about more materials soon!

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