The 3D Printer that is Just Peachy!

Being from Georgia, the Peach state, we’re extremely excited about the Peachy Printer.  Priced at $100, the Peachy is the cheapest 3D printer going.  Created by Rinnovated Design, the Peachy had a highly successful Kickstarter campaign and Indiegogo campaign back in 2013, raising near $750,000 combined.  With support like that there’s no doubt there is strong demand for a low cost 3D printer.

The tech packed in this thing for $100 will blow your mind.  We’ve got a laser fusing resin floating on a salt water base with the whole process under analog control with tones generated by an audio jack of a PC or mobile device!  If you’re curious how this works, check out this great video.  Oh, and the cost of the resin consumed will probably be less than the spare change in your couch cushions.  Seem too cheap, too simple or too outside the box to make decent quality recognizable objects?  Check out this group of amazing sample prints (and the newer stuff looks even better).

Sample prints from the Peachy 3D printer.

Sample prints from the Peachy 3D printer of a heart, lady and screw.

We were honored to have a chance to interview Rylan Graston of rinnovated to find out more about the Peachy:

What are 1-2 defining characteristics that make your printer unique from other low cost printers?

One thing that makes our 3D printer different than other low cost 3D printers is just how low we are bringing down the cost. For the cost of the next lowest cost 3D printers, you could get several Peachy Printer Kits.  The Peachy Printer is the only SLA 3D printer on the market for under $1000.

Who is your target audience for this printer?

We hope the low cost of the Peachy Printer Kit will make 3D Printing available to everyone, we are also using the audio jack to run the Peachy Printer Kit so that is accessible to people all over the world, even to people who do not own a computer and only have a mobile phone.

 You launched a Kickstarter campaign this past fall to commercialize, but how long has the printer been in development?

The Peachy Printer development has been going on for about a year and a half now.

Is there any significance behind the “Peachy” name?

Ya we couldn’t find a better way to describe just how great it works!  Ha Hello Georgia! Thanks for making Peaches so famously awesome! The food you produce is so great I up and named my 3D printer after it!!!

Rylan working.

Rylan and colleague James working.

The 3D printer field is a bit crowded, but with its low price mixed with ease of use and quality, we expect the Peachy to be a hit.  If you want to track along with Peachy’s progress and learn how to get your own, be sure to get on their mailing list.  We hope to bring a Peachy home to Georgia and write a full review soon!

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