Radio Shack Vaults from the 80’s to the Future with 3D Printing?

Maybe you caught one of my favorite Super Bowl commercials above by Radio Shack.  They were poking fun on their image of being an electronic selling relic stuck a few decades in the past and showcasing their new store look and at the end of the commercial a 3D printer was even visible on the checkout counter!  Although there was some surprising news this week about the closing of 500 stores, I think they’re headed in the right direction, especially with their embrace of 3D printing.  Sure places like Best Buy offer them, but I’ve received several promotional e-mails from them highlighting Radio Shack 3D printing and they even offer a store branded 3D printing filament.  Their blog offers suggestions of 3D printing projects as well.  With 4500 stores, many in small towns, it’s nice to know 3D printers and supplies will be available “brick and mortar” to everyone.

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