Does 3D Printing Have the Wright Stuff?

I was struck by a comment that I heard this week about the need for grand vision with new technology. The analogy was made between the Wright Flyer and today’s modern jets. 100+ years ago if you would have told people that the flimsy plane that struggled to carry one man a few hundred feet would someday be transformed into something to carry hundreds halfway across the world they would have called you a dreamer. Sometimes I read an article about a whole plane being printed or printed human organs and my knee jerk is, “there’s no way that’s practical and/or possible anytime soon”, but maybe I just am lacking a bit of audacious vision. I loved the movie “The Right Stuff” about astronauts and test pilots and what we’ll need are some people with the right stuff and crazy vision to do what seems impossible today. I was struck by a recent trip to the Space Center in Florida how large advances in technology can be made in a short period of time. In one display I touched a piece of the moon with my bare hand! That’s crazy when you think about it and all that went into making it happen. In 3D printing we’re not even risking life like NASA, all it takes is money, intellect and dreams!



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