3D Printing Micro Machines

3D Nano IndyCar (used with permission of Jan Torgersen)

Here is a 3D printed object about as wide as a few strands of hair and 285 micrometers long writen about in a Popular Mechanics article called, “Advanced 3D Printer CreatesNano-IndyCar“. Yep, cars so small a dust mite could race them.  This is all done with a two photon wide laser.  This is important in the fact that this printer can produce the smallest of details.  Right now you here a lot of, “3D Printing is great, but it can’t…”  One of these for the longest time was the ability to produce minute details.  As time goes on, expect more and more of these barriers to go away.

Please view the original article called, “3D Printing with Nano Precision” by the Vienna University of Technology, as it additional images of a bridge and church that are amazing and not seen on most other news sites.

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