Will you Have a 3D Printed Christmas Ornament this Year?

3D printed ornament

3D printed ornament available on Etsy for only $11! (photo courtesy of CarryTheWhat Etsy store)

If you’re a purist like me the Christmas season is just a couple days away as Thanksgiving fades into Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  We expect the biggest ever 3D printed Christmas and wonder how may trees will have a 3D printed ornament this year?

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3D Printed Mask for Halloween? Checkout @ThatsMyFace!

Halloween is almost here and perhaps you want to use 3D printing for your costume.  We wrote a few days ago about an awesome example if you’re a Metroid fan, but here is a way you can be ANYONE like a friend or family member with ThatsMyFace.com.  Using a suite of 3D technology they transform pictures into a mask that can survive the scrutiny of facial recognition software and a casual glance, although perhaps not an extended viewing or close-up.   Now if you require “Mission Impossible” quality and have a spare $5,000 you can check out REALFACE out of Japan or if you’re on a budget just print yourself a “Jason” mask!

Future Engineers Space Tool Challenge for ISS 3D Printer by @MadeInSpace

So now that the Made In Space 3D printer is aboard the ISS, what should be made with it?  The people at Future Engineers have launched an awesome contest to inspire young engineers to think of the endless possibilities.  They even have a real astronaut who lived on the ISS issue the challenge!  The prizes are awesome from having your design actually printed on the ISS to a tour of SpaceX! Continue reading

What Would You Print? Enter and Win!

Our friends at Product Design & Development are looking to challenge your most creative design and engineering abilities and give away an Afinia H480 3D printer!  Here’s the challenge:

We want you to design or redesign an existing product or technology – a usable widget, utensil, tool, enclosure, or anything else you can think up – that would make life easier and more beneficial for the user.

Three finalists will have their design printed and and two runners-up will receive a Premier Farnell RIoTBoard from element14.  Of course the winner gets an Afinia H480 3D Printer and some great PR too.  Create your file and head over to the site to enter now!


Help Vote on the Local Motors 3D printed Car Design

Local Motors has launched an awesome 3D printed car challenge.  Local Motors is a place where, “We operate a growing global network of microfactories. Each destination is a place (microfactory) where innovators create amazing products and consumers come to marvel and shop.”  Local motors creates a space and a bullpen of engineers that entrepreneurs can collaborate with, both physically and virtually, to create amazing motored inventions.  Think of it as an incubator of sorts, but highly focused to the automotive space. Continue reading