Is your 3D Printer Artistic?

Checkout how a 3D printer and some AI made a “new” Rembrandt!  The website is amazing in how it lets you zoom in at the pixel level and the detail is astounding.  With AI and 3D printers great artists may live on to create new work in a unique way.


With @3Doodler you can Live Long and Prosper on @Kickstarter with Star Trek!

The team at 3Doodler is back on Kickstarter with an awesome Star Trek application of their 3D printing pen.  This special edition of their pen and included stencils will let you make some iconic Star Trek items from phasers to ships to communicators.  Let your creative and artistic side by supporting them on Kickstarter and then going where no one has gone before!

The Attraction of 3D Printed Magnets

Imagine being able to print a magnet in complex geometry with superior properties to conventional magnets.  This is the promise of printing with magnetized filament allowing for precise control of the magnetic field in nearly any shape desired for an application.  Magnets, energy and electronics are all intertwined, so no doubt we’ll be seeing more applications of precision magnets in the future.