The Attraction of 3D Printed Magnets

Imagine being able to print a magnet in complex geometry with superior properties to conventional magnets.  This is the promise of printing with magnetized filament allowing for precise control of the magnetic field in nearly any shape desired for an application.  Magnets, energy and electronics are all intertwined, so no doubt we’ll be seeing more applications of precision magnets in the future.


3D Printing in the Bathroom? A Cool 3D Printed Faucet from @DXV!

OK, so the bathroom is the last room in your house I’d probably expect to run into a 3D printed object, but I guess I was wrong.  DXV, the luxury portfolio from American Standard, has made some amazing looking 3D printed faucets that will blow your mind.  These designs are the type that machining or casting would obviously struggle greatly to produce. Continue reading

The 3D Printing of Tom Brady

If your family is like mine then football is a big part of your Thanksgiving tradition.  If you remember earlier this year Tom Brady was suspended 4 games related to playing with balls below the required pressure.  He was banned from being around all team activities.  A sports site got creative and made this ultra-real looking Brady mask using 3D printing.  Checkout the video to see how it was done.  Happy Thanksgiving!

3D Printed Trophy at Olympics Instead of Flowers. I Suppose it Beats a Celery Crown…

Copy of Rio sculpture that you can buy on eBay.

Copy of Rio trophy that you can buy on eBay.

It appears instead of flowers, Olympians on the medal stand got a 3D printed sculpture.  This was said to be less wasteful than flowers and I suppose more of a long term keepsake.  You can read more about it here and even buy your own version on eBay like the picture above.  I suppose it beats the old Isthmian games in ancient Corinth, there if you won you got a crown made out of celery!