Nike Flypint 3D Printed Shoe

We’ve seen before printed soles or inserts for shoes, but Nike moves it up a level printing the “upper” part of the shoe. Continue reading


Our Buddies at @MadeInSpace Have Exciting New Printer for ISS Making ZBLAN Optical Fiber!

This was  one of the coolest things I had seen in quite sometime in regard to space research.  It’s one thing to explore new places and keep humans alive, it’s another thing to use space to benefit those of us still on the planet.  Continue reading

3D Printed Vegemite?

We’ve talked about 3D printed food before, but this one caught my eye.  My wife and I went to Australia for our honeymoon and of course when you’re down under trying Vegemite is a right of passage of sorts.  Being a paste it’s well suited for extrusion, but what was interesting was how its yeasty salty goodness could create circuits that conduct electricity.  I guess this is also further proof that people will try to 3D print everything eventually…