3D Printing Micro Machines

3D Nano IndyCar (used with permission of Jan Torgersen)

Here is a 3D printed object about as wide as a few strands of hair and 285 micrometers long writen about in a Popular Mechanics article called, “Advanced 3D Printer CreatesNano-IndyCar“. Yep, cars so small a dust mite could race them.  This is all done with a two photon wide laser.   Continue reading

FOUR! In Honor of Masters Golf Week: 3D Laser Scanning Makes Video Games More Real

So we promised the fun side of 3D as well and this is about as fun as it gets. We’re located in the greater Atlanta area, not so far away from Augusta, GA. Augusta is home of Augusta National and the Masters. Last year the EA Sports Tiger Woods Golf series saw the debut of a playable Augusta National course. Continue reading

A 3D Printed Movie


Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Have you seen the movie ParaNorman?  It was filled with stop-motion animation (think Gumby) and you can see the process in this video clip.  What was cool was that they used 3D printing to create a lot of the different character faces used in the film.  Could be a lot of movie applications for 3D printing creating unique futuristic props, masks and costumes.  Summer blockbuster season is almost here and expect more movie applications!

Heavy Metal 3D Rocks!

The very first 3D printed objects I saw were flimsy plastic parts. These were great for prototype cases for electronics, but you probably wouldn’t want your health and safety relying on them. This excluded many applications related to machinery and transportation. This now appears to be changing as 3D printing with metal is gaining momentum. Continue reading

The Printer Will See You Now – 3D Printing in Medicine

3D Printing and scanning is coming to medicine in a big way.  It’s started off with the now common printing of hearing aids that fit perfectly into the ear canal (90% are now made this way) or making of perfect dental implants.  Now it’s common to see advertisements related to 3D scanning and images for breast implants to be able to create super accurate before and after images.   Continue reading