The Sugar Lab is 3D Printed Food Fun!

Sugar 3D print

Sugar 3D print courtesy of the Sugar Lab

My wife and I are fans of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, so when I saw the Sugar Lab I was fascinated.  The company started when Kyle and Liz von Hasseln were graduate students without an oven to make a cake for a friend, so they decided to 3D print some cupcake toppers instead.  They were a hit and everything started rolling from there. Continue reading

Cuboyo: Files For Your Printer Complete with 3D Dollar Store!


“Dave” who helps explain Cuboyo on (used with permission)

So you just dropped the equivalent of a used car on a 3D printer and now you’re wondering what to do with it?  A new service, Cuboyo, can help!

I stumbled upon Cuboyo and loved their approach to the whole buy/sell 3D file space.  We’ve already written about what would initially sound like a similar service, CGTrader,  but, Cuboyo is a pure 3D printer file  play as opposed to 3D models for things like games or computer animation you’d find at CGTrader.  Cuboyo is a place where you can buy 3D files for your printer or sell designs you’ve created.  There’s everything from iPhone cases to chess sets to a baseball batting helmet! Continue reading