Would Noah Use 3D Printing to Build an Ark? The Ark Encounter Did.

I was recently in Lexington, KY and curiosity compelled me to checkout the nearby Ark Encounter.  As a scientist it was an “interesting” day, but I’ll leave all the religious and scientific discussions for someone else.  This, after all, is a 3D printing blog, not one discussing the dueling theories of intelligent design versus evolution.  You’ll see lots of things on your visit from animals to dinosaurs, but you’ll also see information on how they built the Ark and  3D printing/scanning had a role. Continue reading

Will Oculus Rift and 3D Scanning be New CSI Tools?

Are you a fan of shows like CSI like me?  Maybe you’ve seen them do digital recreations of a crime scene?  Imagine not just showing that to a jury, but transporting them virtually there.  With the help of 3D laser scanning and an Oculus Rift style headset this may soon be possible.  Maybe in the future a 3D laser scanner will become standard CSI equipment to have a digital copy of the crime scene forever and not be limited by just pictures and measurements.

“Point and Shoot” 3D Scanner under $1,000 from Fuel3D!

“Point and shoot” was a term used to describe cameras in a day where taking a good picture often required skill and focusing.  This has often been the case in 3D scanning, to get quality you needed the mechanical or software equivalent of a manual focus.  The new Fuel3D scanner allows users to quickly capture objects without sacrificing quality.  The goal is to create, “A handheld 3D scanner…most independent game developers, designers and artists can afford.”  Sure there are a few other “point and shoot” scanners like the XBox Kinect, but not with this type of quality for under $1,000.   Continue reading